Affiliate Revenue or PLR Products How to Get Started With PLR Products

Now that you have read all 6 steps, you might feel overwhelmed, especially if you have never written sales copy or cannot fathom editing a product to personalize it.

That’s OK. If you are a beginner, start with method 1. Just be sure and buy PLR products that contain a sales page. Then you don’t have to write any sales copy, nor do you have to make any changes to the PLR product itself.

Once you get a handle on that, you can actually jump to method 6, because the only difference there is the target market – other marketers. You can easily use the prewritten sales page included with the PLR product.

Once you get comfortable with those two methods, one by one you can begin to learn the necessary skills to implement methods.

But don’t let your lack of knowledge or experience stop you from getting started making money with PLR products.

Like I said earlier, the reason I am giving you this information is so that you can begin to build your own internet marketing business, and in the process, purchase your PLR products and Private Label Rights Articles and just do it.

So what do you do next?

1) Choose a method.
2) Buy PLR products that fit your chosen method.
3) Start making money online with PLR products.

Another note: Once you begin making money with PLR products, when you see a new PLR product that you like, go ahead and buy it, even if you aren’t going to use it right away. Create a folder on your computer just for PLR products, and keep it organized. When you are looking for a PLR product to use, you just go to that folder and choose one. I probably have over 200 different PLR products on my computer, so when I need something new to promote, I simply search through my files of PLR products I have already purchased.

What does all this mean to you? Well, it depends really on what you do with it.

Do you see the logic in making money with PLR products? If you don’t, put this down for now, and pick it up again in a day or two and reread it. It might make more sense then.

If you do, get started. I have made money on every PLR product I have ever promoted. Can I guarantee you will? No. But I can tell you this: If you buy a package of 10 PLR products for $37, for example, your average cost is $3.70, right? Now, if you packaged each one individually and sold them for $10 each, you would make a $6.30 profit each time someone purchased one, right? What if you only sold 10 of each of the 10 products, at a profit of $6.30 each? Your profit would be $630, right?

Obviously, the money will be different depending on how much you pay and how much you sell the PLR products for, and how many you sell.

So do your own numbers, then make a decision. But I can tell you this confidently, if you do nothing, you will make nothing. How much money do you want to make?


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