Benefits of Natural Dish Soap Vs Commercial Dishwashing Detergent

The dawn of the synthetic age of chemically produced substances changed the nature of dish soap and its effectiveness. Dish soap detergents are designed for economic gain not for wellness and health. Modern dish soap making techniques produce high profits, but they do little to improve well-being.

Society is paying heavy health costs for several reasons, and most of these reasons can be attributed to products and services that create more health problems than they solve. Dish soap detergents fall into this category, but there is hope because people are now waking up and realizing that nature contains the healthy responses we have forgotten.

Commercial soaps designed for high profit contain ingredients like animal fat, esters, wax, low quality oils and alcohol. Esthers are carcinogenic compounds that have a negative impact on the skin and the environment. Many medicinal soaps on the market fall into the commercial category because they contain triclosan, which is a known cancer-causing agent.

One of the most important ingredients of YayaMarias natural dish soap is glycerin. Most commercial dish soap manufacturers use a process called saponification to produce commercial soap and this process removes highly profitable glycerin so it can be sold for use in skin creams and other skin products. YayaMarias natural dish soap keep glycerin in the soap to keep its texture soft and smooth.

All dish soaps that are labeled as natural may not be natural

Natural dish soap is a blend of all organic ingredients that are fused using the cold process. Soaps that contain ingredients that are chemically altered or are not certified as organic do not produce the benefits of pure natural dish soaps. Labels can trick especially in this day and age of corporate profits, so it is important to understand what the natural word means. Natural means all organic ingredients that have not been altered during the cold natural dish soap making process.