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Tips For Finding The Perfect Male Dog Name

Tips For Finding The Perfect Male Dog Name

Dogs are incredible animals with unlimited loyalty, energy and companionship. They really deserve the title of man’s best friend. However, for all they give, they ask for very little in return, a warm bed, something to eat, and their love to be returned.

Here, then, is a unique opportunity to return something by choosing a good name for your dog.

It always amazes me how many people struggle with it, it must be easy, right? Well, yes and no, it is easy to find a name, it is not so easy to find an incredible name.

Consider for a moment the name of your dog. At a basic level, it allows you to attract your dog’s attention by saying, “Listen, I’m talking to you!” However, that’s not all, it’s a name, or at least it’s not what it should be.

The name you give your dog should ideally be an expression of love, unity and friendship. You must describe the unique bond that you share with your dog. There is no pressure then!

Do not fear, it is very easy to follow one of two simple systems. Choose a name that describes your dog or choose one that reflects your particular interests.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Male Dog Name

Let’s take a look at the latest approach: A friend of mine has a crush on Boston Terriers: he has five of them in his current package! He is also a music lover, so his dogs are called, Lennon, Hendrix, Sting, Dylan and Mercury. You saw how simple it is. Just think of your own hobbies or interests and you will be ready.

So, if you like country music, how about Skeeter, Hank or Waylon? Basketball fan Shaq, Kareem, Jordan or your favorite. Enjoy action movies? Try Indiana, Arnie or Stallone. Get the picture

But what if you wanted to choose a name based on your dog’s appearance? Let’s say you’re looking for a good name for your black lab. Well, the black dog’s classic name is Blackie, but it’s done. How about, Darko, Gotham, Guinness, Shadow or Vader? What about Jack Black (after the actor), or Black Dog (after the classic Led Zeppelin rock)?

Let’s try another one; Your dog is a great Dane, so you’ll want a great name. Big Mac, Cromwell, Duplex, Humvee, Magnus, Sumo, everything works great. But I go with Odin, the supreme Nordic god, who also speaks of the Scandinavian ancestry of the dog.

Names for dogs? No problem; Asterix, Bonsai, Dot Com, Igby, Linus, Newt, Peewee, Sonic and one of my favorites, perfect for a Chihuahua … Tico Torres (after Bon Jovi drummer).

So far you probably agree that finding good names for dogs is not as difficult as it sounds, but if you’re still stuck click here to go to the best dog names website, or look for “puppy names” or “dog names” and you’ll find many websites to name Dogs.