Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks

It is epic pixel shooting game, where you will be able to play several online modes with your friends. At first I will talk about the modes, which you are able to choose before starting the game play. There are few modes such as: deathmatch, story, team – Battle and cooperative. In the death match mode , you will not have to worry about the time, just hit the play button and start killing other enemies. There is no time limit, so your main aim will be to kill as many opponents as you are able to do in the short period of time. Next one is Team – Battle mode, where you will be given a chance to create your own team, for example you are able to invite your friends from social media to play together and hold a victory over other players. In this one you should be really attentive, helpful and cooperative if you want to win the game. You should take care and look after your team, walk together and try to kill enemies as silently as it is possible to do.

In my opinion, the best one is cooperative mode, in which you will have to work with only one played. It means that you should play for example 2 against 2 players. Try to protect each other, do not hesitate , you will be given a tutorial mode in the beginning of the game play, so you will be able to play the real battle and hold a victory over other players. I forgot about the new extra mode, the developers have added this one about few months ago, name of the mode is Story. In this mode you will be given a chance to choose your favorite hero from the most popular magazines and comics: such as superman, batman, hulk and many more. Do not hesitate you will be able to play pixel gun 3D in 2 player mode, so just invite your friends and start playing amazing flash game, which has ever been created. And to spice it up a bit more why don’t you utilize the Pixel gun 3D hack and enjoy the free coins and gems.

Developers and creators have added more than 100 weapons and armors with updates, so you should buy them in the store icon, which is shown in the corner of the screenplay. Check them every month, because there are huge amount of updates with them, so it means , that you will not get bored during gameplay. Also you will be given a chance to play about 200 maps, the maps are designed in a smart way, it means that you will be given difficult tasks and jobs, so you should think of a smart and easy way to overcome them.

If you do not want to play pixel gun 3d in 2 player mode, you are able to play the one player mysterious campaign, I will not tell you a lot about this campaign, because it is so difficult and exited mode to play. So if you are interested, just push the play button and start playing this amazing and mysterious flash game. Pixel gun 3d is formatted in 3D, and it is available for IOS, Android and Windows users, so we will give you links to download them easily. Also we wanted to make a gift for our users, so we decided to give you a chance to play a similar game to pixel gun 3d, do not hesitate this one is such as good and interesting as the original one. So do not lose the time and play pixel gun 3d game, before downloading it from websites!

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